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Visiting poet – Steven Herrick

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Happy Friday!
To make your Friday even happier, today we have Steven Herrick stopping by to talk about writing poetry and verse-novels for children. (He writes for young adults and adults, too.) If you visit his website, you’ll see that he loves soccer and in summer he plays on a soccer team called ‘The Marshmallows’ …  It doesn’t look too summery in the photo he sent us above!
Here he is — performing his poem ‘Lost in the Mist’  (from his book Untangling Spaghetti).
When did you first start writing poetry? 
I wrote my first poem when I was 18. It was called ‘Love is like a gobstopper’. I sent it to magazine and they published it and sent me $5!!!
What sort of poetry do you like writing best of all? 
I like writing narrative poems for children and verse-novels for YA and children.
What sort of poetry do you like reading? 
All types of poetry.
Where can we find your poetry?
In the following poetry books for children:

… and seven verse novels for young adults.

Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper or straight onto the computer? 
I used to write with pen and paper, but now it’s nearly always with a computer.
Your number one tip for budding poets? 
Read lots of poetry. Find what you like and try to understand why you enjoy it.
Steven’s Poetry Prescription

IF YOU’RE HAVING A FOOD DAY — lots of my poems are about food and family (see my book Untangling Spaghetti).

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Interview with Steven Herrick © 2013 Steven Herrick & Rebecca Newman