Soup Blog Poetry Festival

Giveaway: Poems to Perform

We’re nearing the end of our 2014 poetry festival. Before you start feeling despondent, here’s something to cheer you up.

WIN a book of fabulous poems — specifically, this one:

Poems to perform

This poetry anthology was compiled by Julia Donaldson when she was the UK Children’s Laureate (2011–2013). The poems were selected because they are fantastic to read aloud by more than one voice — from two voices, up to a whole class! This is a book that you are guaranteed to want to share with a friend … or two … or three …

Scattered throughout the book are striking black-and-white lino-cut illustrations by Clare Melinksy.

Julia Donaldson has included a section called ‘Suggestions for performance’ at the back of the book. (If you are new to performing poetry in public, you’ll find this section very handy.)

This giveaway has now closed. The winner is Ernie Donato.