Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Living in a Tree House


by Georgia, 9, NSW


Unknown to others, a beautiful garden hides behind Georgia’s house. At the bottom of her garden, water trickles like a tinkling wooden chime across the mossy rocks of a creek. A little bridge allows her to walk between two lily pad covered ponds.   Within each pond, little squirmy black tadpoles hide underneath the water lilies. The flowers can be a golden yellow or a pretty pink. Sometimes, Georgia can see tiny little green frogs hopping on the leaves.

Beside the ponds, was a large wooden tree house, covered in vines and sweet smelling jasmine. Walking up the rope ladder was eight year old Georgia. Georgia’s blue eyes were as bright as the sky, and her blonde hair was tied in plaits with beautiful red ribbons.

Georgia loved being outside so much that she had convinced her parents to move her bedroom into her large tree house. Her parents had even put a smoke alarm in it. Her bedroom was in her favourite spot as no one could see her.

On this day, Georgia climbed the ladder into her tree house bedroom to get ready for a sleepover with her best friend Emma. Strangely, Emma did not arrive.  Georgia sat looking out the window, wondering why Emma was late. Emma and Georgia loved sleepovers in her tree house because they  could have delicious midnight feasts, without any parents finding out.

Georgia played in her garden for a while and had a lovely spin on her tyre swing. She then went back into her tree house. As she reached the top of her ladder and pushed the door open, she expected to see and feel the warmth of her tree house bedroom. To her surprise her room wasn’t there! Another completely different room was in its place.

Georgia was about to start reading a book when the fire alarm in her tree house went off. She looked down at her wrist, only to find that her silver charm bracelet was glowing red and getting hotter by the second. Georgia looked frantically around and saw a shiny silver bucket. She looked into the bucket and was relieved to see that was full of cold water. She poured the water on her wrist, and to her surprise she noticed a secret message on it. It didn’t hurt, but she was very surprised. She looked closely and saw that that the message said “close your eyes and turn around”. So she did.

As she stood there with her eyes closed, she heard a strange chorus … “Open your eyes”.

“What are you all doing here?” she cried.

“Surprise!” they yelled, “did you forget it was your birthday?”

Peeping behind Emma, were all of her other friends.

“How exciting” said Georgia. “What a happy surprise!”

Georgia had a wonderful party and loved how her friends had gone to so much trouble to make her happy. She loved a good surprise!

They all slept in her lovely tree house and had a huge and wonderful midnight feast together.

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