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Book review – The Cleo Stories: A Friend, and A Pet


The Cleo Stories: A Friend, and A Pet

The Cleo Stories: A Friend, and A Pet by Libby Gleeson, ill. Freya Blackwood, ISBN 9781743315286, Allen & Unwin

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

Cleo is a little girl who loves wearing animal ears and has a big imagination. I have read the first Cleo book in this series and I really liked it. This book also has two stories in it.

A Friend.
Cleo is bored and has nothing to do.

A Pet
Cleo really wants a pet but her parents keep saying ‘no’.

I like how Cleo always uses her imagination to find a solution. There are lots of illustrations that are very simple. They are colourful and they are on every page. I liked this Cleo book even more than the first one and I think they are getting better and better. I would recommend The Cleo Stories: A Friend, and A Pet for children who are 5+, and for people who have a big imagination.

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