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Young Writers in Action: A Walk with Nature

A walk with Nature

by Anishka, 6, QLD

A walk with Nature:

I walked into the meadow. The leaves were flying in the wind as the sun was reflecting on the pond.
I saw a squirrel looking for some nuts for him to eat.
The grass was long like weeds as it covered a flatbed full of flowers.
I saw a rabbit hopping with joy in the long grass, and atthe same time, a bird was dancing in a beautiful green tree.
Soon, it was afternoon and I saw a rainbow appear in the sky due to a little rain. A little lady bird was flying in the wet rain and frogs were hopping out of the pond.
Frogs croaked at me, and I croaked to the frogs.
Soon it stopped raining before the sun settled into the sun’s bed.
I saw the beautiful sunset, it was better than a reddish rose.
I saw the birds going to their nest, full of beautiful eggs.
Soon I saw the twinkling stars in the sky.
I knew it was time to go home and say good night to the beautiful nature.

Anishka has been published on Alphabet Soup previously — you can read her poem, ‘Spring’. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!