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Young Writers in Action: A Walk with Nature

A walk with Nature

by Anishka, 6, QLD

A walk with Nature:

I walked into the meadow. The leaves were flying in the wind as the sun was reflecting on the pond.
I saw a squirrel looking for some nuts for him to eat.
The grass was long like weeds as it covered a flatbed full of flowers.
I saw a rabbit hopping with joy in the long grass, and atthe same time, a bird was dancing in a beautiful green tree.
Soon, it was afternoon and I saw a rainbow appear in the sky due to a little rain. A little lady bird was flying in the wet rain and frogs were hopping out of the pond.
Frogs croaked at me, and I croaked to the frogs.
Soon it stopped raining before the sun settled into the sun’s bed.
I saw the beautiful sunset, it was better than a reddish rose.
I saw the birds going to their nest, full of beautiful eggs.
Soon I saw the twinkling stars in the sky.
I knew it was time to go home and say good night to the beautiful nature.

Anishka has been published on Alphabet Soup previously — you can read her poem, ‘Spring’. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!

Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: The Dragon of Wellok


by Jacqueline, 10, VIC

A dragon with wings of burning fire like a stormy shadow, when it flaps its wings of steamy smoke. It has eyes of darkness where you can hear whispers and voices when you look at him. The body of terror as scaly as a lizard. When you seek him in the forest, careful, you might bump into him. With his powerful sense of hearing, even the quietest step you will be heard. Smelling the blood that dribbles on the ground, he can hunt you down as similar as a hound. People stay inside and are hidden when he comes to your village. Everything changed when you came along to the woods and went into his dark nightmarish cave, as he waits to burn and cook the meal … which is you! You didn’t know that you were wounded and cried with shivers up your spine. He comes and gives you a nice fire to warm you up and licks your wound like a dog. You have no idea who he is and what he is doing but, you curl in a bundle and sleep on his large belly. When you do, his heart changes and became a father of light to you, never knowing he is the Dragon of Wellok. By this time, you never think this dreadful beast is only trying to find a child to take care of.

What I have written is what the village people think of him. The fire wings were true but only to keep him warm in winter.

So that’s the tale of the Dragon of Wellok.

This is Jacqueline’s second piece of descriptive writing posted to Alphabet Soup — you can read ‘The Forest’, in an earlier post.