Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: The Day at the Zoo

by Gabriel, 7, NSW

On Tuesday October 17th 2017, our family went to the Beijing Zoo. We went to the Beijing Zoo because it was for a home school excursion.

We saw beautiful swans and amazing ducks in a lake. There was a waterfall. Two birds were standing on the side.

Later, we saw the big bird cages. The birds were very very colourful and amazing, such as the flamingos. Other birds were blue, red or yellow. Next we saw parrots. There were ten cages. The parrots were green, white, red, blue and yellow. My sister’s favourite parrot is the eclectus parrot.

Before we saw snakes, we had lunch. We had burgers for lunch. Then we saw reptiles, like crocodiles, turtles and snakes. The zookeepers threw rats in the cages for food.

After that, we stared at the penguins. The thing that I did not like about the penguins’ cage was that they had fake ice! There were five penguins. The zookeepers showed us penguin bones in another place.

We walked over to the monkeys. They were swinging like crazy! We saw four golden monkeys and two black monkeys. The black monkeys were not swinging around but at the end they started to swing.

Later, we saw two chimpanzees. They were huge. One was eating some fruit and went to the other side to poo. That is smart not to poo where it eats.

Then we looked at the American animals. We saw sloths, tapirs and ostriches. The funny thing about the tapirs was that one tapir was weeing and smiling at the same time.

We also stared at the Australian animals. The kangaroos were eating lunch. One cassowary was resting and the other one was walking around.

We went over where we saw bears. We saw the Asiatic bear, black bear, brown bear and two polar bears. One polar bear was hitting the wall with its tummy. The other polar bear was pushing the wall with its bottom.

Next we saw thirty nocturnal animals. I can’t tell you all the names because there were too many. All the nocturnal animals that I saw eat fruit.

We saw African and Indian elephants. The African elephants have bigger ears than Indian elephants.

It was fun after seeing most of the animals. I want to go back to Beijing Zoo.

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