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Book review: I’m Australian Too

I'm Australian Too by Mem Fox, illustrated by Ronojoy GhoshREVIEWED BY MIRANDA, 9, VIC

I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox,
illustrations by Ronojoy Ghosh, Scholastic, ISBN 9781760276218

Miranda read a copy of this book in her school library.

I’m Australian Too is a beautiful book with its sing-song like words and detailed pictures.

On every page you will get a surprise. You will read about different cultures and countries. Each will page will tell you about immigrants and why they came to Australia.

This book celebrates that we’re all Australians no matter where we came from. I recommend this book for 3-10 year olds because there are not so many words. I rate this book 10/10 because it has a great message for everybody about how we are an international continent.

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