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Book review: Rodney Loses It

Rodney Loses It by Michael Gerard Bauer and Kristina KrebsREVIEWED BY RACHEL, 8, VIC

Rodney Loses It by Michael Gerard Bauer, illustrated by Christina Krebs,
Scholastic Press, ISBN 9781742991900

Rachel read a copy of this book in her school library.

Wow! Look at Rodney, a crazy rabbit.  He totally lost it, but what did he lose?

Read on to find more clues.

Rodney loved everything, but the one thing he loved the most was drawing.  Rodney sketched all the time. He treasured his pencils, pen and textas.

Chrissie Krebs uses such impeccable pencil skills to give great clues and encourage children to really dive deep into this book.

Michael Gerard Bauer uses amazing adjectives to play with words, such as ‘bonkers’, that children would find funny.

I love this book because it’s hilarious.

I give this book a 10/10 rating for children in aged 8-11.

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