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Book review: Worst Camp Ever

Worst Camp ever by Meredith Costain and Danielle McDonald (book cover is yellow and shows Ella as a girl with long brown hair wearing a pink baseball cap)REVIEWED BY JESSIE, 10, VIC

Ella Diaries: Worst Camp Ever by Meredith Costain, ill. Danielle McDonald,
Scholastic Australia, ISBN 9781760157180

Worst Camp Ever is part of the Ella Diaries series. The book is a fiction book written by Meredith Costain in a diary style form, through the eyes of an Australian girl named Ella. This book and series would suit girls between 8–12. There is another series for girls a bit younger called Olivia’s Secret Scribbles, which is written through the eyes of Ella’s younger sister. The books are illustrated by Danielle McDonald, in simple but very funny and effective drawings, that often make me laugh out loud.
The books are fun, a bit naughty, focus a lot on school friendships and are filled with adventure, mostly set at school, gymnastics and at home. They also contain some new and fantastic words like ‘fantabulous’ and always have some funny poems or songs.
Worst Camp Ever is one of my favourites, as it is about going on school camp, the excitement of bunk beds, activities like the big swing and kayaking, also fears, personal challenges, enemies, playing pranks, noises at night and scary stories. There is also crazy boys, food fights, potatoes that have to be peeled, points to be earned and lost and so much more.
I have read and own all the books of this series that have been released and my sister is reading the younger version. Every time I come home with a new book I’m so excited to find out what happens next, I need to read it from start to finish in one night. I just can’t wait for more books to be released and I know you will enjoy them too.  5/5

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