Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Cheese rolling

by Liora, 9, Manhattan, USA

 Photo by Min An from Pexels

“Go, go, go!”  The mascot cheers.
“Crunch” The grass gets run over by all the people rolling all over it, determined to get the cheese.
The referees discuss the game, making sure it’s fair.
While the girl players get their face covered with hair.
“Woohoo, so close, get the cheese!” a fan in the audience cheers.
Players dodge and cheer, run and fall,
tumble and flip, in order to catch the cheese.
Thump!” That’s the sound of  players falling all over each other.
Then someone says, “oh brother.”
They have just figured out that someone found the cheese.

This is Liora’s first poem for Alphabet Soup. To send us YOUR story, poem, artwork or book review, check out our submission guidelines.