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Book review: The Wreckers’ Revenge


TThe Wreckers' Revenge by Norman Jorgensen (book cover)he Wreckers’ Revenge by Norman Jorgensen, Fremantle Press, ISBN 9781925815450

Hannah received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

The Wreckers’ Revenge, by Norman Jorgensen, is a sequel to the very successful first book in the series The Smuggler’s Curse. The Wreckers Revenge was inspired by two boys from the Cocos Islands who, after hearing one of Jorgensen’s stories, attempted to find William Dampier’s missing treasure. It is not necessary to have read the first book to thoroughly enjoy The Wreckers Revenge, which is set in the early 20th century, beginning with the anticipation of whether Red Read (the main character) is to be expelled from Christian Brothers College. After a series of crazy events – involving the nasty acts of Brother Christian – the infamous Captain Black Bowen, Red’s Guardian, comes to change the day, whisking young Red off to once more become a loyal crew member of the mighty Black Dragon. But don’t get too comfortable on this ship as there is nothing but action and adventure to be had on these decks.

In my opinion, I thought that the book moved at a manageable pace for a wide range of readers and it wasn’t over-complicated. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as the story developed and it was interesting as each character had their own lovable and different features. Every sentence had a drip of anticipation and I really did find it quite hard to put the book down.

It would be a perfect holiday read and even a great book for adults to read to children as well. I recommend this book to 10–13 year olds as there is quite a lot of violence in it and I believe that these ages would be able to manage that.

In conclusion, it’s a really great book and is worth checking out.

Read a sample chapter of The Wreckers’ Revenge at the publisher’s website.

Download Teachers’ notes for this book from the publisher’s website.

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4 thoughts on “Book review: The Wreckers’ Revenge”

  1. Fantastic Review. What a mature reader and writer. Congratulations. You have motivated me to buy the book.

  2. Thank you so much, Hannah, for such a glowing review. I am so glad you enjoyed Red’s adventures.
    I am just thinking if I should write number 3 in the series. I’ve made some plot notes and an opening page so far. I thought maybe Mrs Crawford charters the Red Dragon to take her back to Siam because the King has gifted her a big sum of money and an elephant to mark his 40 years on the throne. (Mrs Read is not happy about that idea, though.) Then the action starts again.
    Congratulations on your job reviewing books. Well done indeed!
    Warmest regards, Norman.

    1. Hi Norman!
      I think those are great ideas, although, I would love some more sneaky romance between Mrs Read and the captain. I feel like the feelings were building between the two and obviously, there was some history, but it was never quite explained.
      I would be so excited for the next one and would be honoured if you sent me a copy when it is released!

      1. Oh, Mrs Read and the captain? It’s going on, believe me. I was just trying to be a litte more subtle so that Red is not too shocked. 🙂 I will certainly pad out the romance in Red 3. And of course I will send you a copy, but don’t hold your breath, Hanna, as I still have to research the settings, Siam and the coast of China during the Boxer Rebellion, and then write the damn thing. It don’t come easy.
        All the very best and keep in contact. Warmest regards, Norman.

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