Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: A Corona virus poem

The Terrible, Horrifying Pandemic of 2020
(commonly known as the Corona Virus)
by Anishka, 9, QLD

Leaves litter the ground
Untouched for many days
Weeks pass without a sound
Or talk of any sort.

The once busy streets
Are devoured by silence
Waiting for day to cease
Before they fill with lights.

Scurrying paws echo
When animals take what is theirs
Ants take refuge down below
Monkeys find trees suitable.

No smoke to get rid of
No rubbish in sight
Everyone wearing gloves
Everyday day to night

Together we will conquer
The thing that we fear
To restore the peace
Of the world.

Anishka is a regular contributor to Alphabet Soup’s site. You can read another of her poems here.