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Book review: The Shark Caller

The Shark Caller by Dianne WolferREVIEWED BY SANUKI, 10, VIC

The Shark Caller by Dianne Wolfer, Random House Australia, ISBN 9780143780557

Sanuki reviewed her own copy of this book.

This story is about a girl (Isabel), who just lost her twin brother (Ray) while diving in the open ocean. Isabel is a lovely girl, who is kind to everyone but her heart is feeling down because of the tragic loss.

Isabel only lives with her mum because her parents were divorced, but she gets to see her dad often. She travels to Papua New Guinea which was where she was born with her brother. The main point of going to Papua New Guinea is to have a death ceremony to lay her brother’s ashes.

I really like this book because it is a story with a sad beginning, but it ends with a happy ending. The feeling changes a lot which is really great for the reader, because it lets them have a different understanding of what the character would do in that type of feeling.

I would rate this book 5/5 because it makes the reader engaged to the book and it makes the reader want to see what will happen next in the book.

Read a sample chapter of The Shark Caller on the publisher’s website.

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