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Book review: Alice-Miranda in the Outback

Alice Miranda in the Outback by Jacqueline HarveyREVIEWED BY KOBE, 9, WA

Alice-Miranda in the Outback by Jacqueline Harvey, Puffin, ISBN 9781760891039

The publisher provided a review copy of this book.

Alice-Miranda is an unforgettable fantastic series of outstanding books that is fabulously written by the amazing author Jaqueline Harvey, who is the great writer of the Clementine Rose series as well as Kensy and Max. This book is so utterly amazing because it is filled to the brim with funny characters and weird animal friendships. Think about what it would be like to see a big, giant, fat cat sleeping undisturbed with a teeny weeny, wet, floppy goldfish, that’s exactly what type of crazy action she exclusively includes in this exciting book!

The overall story is that Alice-Miranda and her friends are off to the Australian outback! They’re going to help an old family friend who’s found himself short-staffed during cattle mustering season. The landscape is like nothing else — wide open and dusty red as far as the eye can see. It’s also full of quirky characters, like eccentric opal miner Sprocket McGinty and the enigmatic Taipan Dan. As the gang settles in at Hope Springs Station, mysteries start piling up. A strange map indicates treasure beneath the paddocks, a young girl is missing and there are unexplained water shortages.

My most favourite part of this book is that Alice-Miranda and her friends and family go on lots and lots and lots of mysterious and exciting travelling in this book which brings me to the last stage of explaining why this awesome book is so unbelievable! Lastly, this book has the funniest characters in the world’s history! It is so because Jacqueline Harvey has made funny names and hilarious characters like Muz and Col. That is the most convincing thing I can say to you that you have to buy this glorious book right now! Now you have to!

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