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Book review: Neverseen


The image shows the cover of a children's fantasy novel: Neverseen by Shannon Messenger. The cover illustation shows three children in cloaks and with wind-blown hair rushing along a wooden bridge while a huge wave splashes up behind them.

Neverseen by Shannon Messenger, Simon & Schuster Ltd, ISBN 9781471189449

Ayaan reviewed his own copy of this book.

Neverseen is the fourth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, written by Shannon Messenger. The three books that precede it are, in order, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Exile and Everblaze.

Sophie Foster and her friends must go into hiding. And who better to keep them safe, than the Black Swan. They all have mixed feelings about meeting Sophie’s creators. With stowaways, species-threatening plagues, bizarre disguises, after curfew meetings and traitors, can they make it through and finally defeat the Neverseen?

When they meet with the Black Swan’s ruling order, they see bizarre disguises. Who are these mysterious people? Who is Squall, Granite, Blur, Wraith and Mr Forkle? When will they find out?

I would rate this book ten out of ten. I especially love the plot twist at the end when the traitor is finally revealed.

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