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Book review: Biscuits, bands and very big plans


The image shows the cover of a children's graphic novel called Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and very big plans by Liz Pichon. The cover illustration shows the title in child-like lettering surrounded by doodles of patterns and pictures like a dog, an arrow, smiley face, stars and a boy with short hair wearing a shirt that says 'Doodling Rocks'

Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans by Liz Pichon, Scholastic UK, ISBN 9781743832868

Aashi reviewed her own copy of this book.

Like other Tom Gates books, cheeky little Tom Gates is the star of this book as well. Tom loves to doodle but it’s hard in school when he sits right at the front of his classroom. He can even see through his report through his teacher’s nostrils! Mr Fullerman is basically bald and is a very strict teacher.

Tom, Derek and Norman have a band called ‘dogzombies’. They have a big mission which is to get this band well known.

On the other side is Delia, Tom’s sister. Delia hates Tom and Tom hates Delia. One day when Tom goes snooping into Delia’s room he finds something unusual. What was it? Little did he know that there could be a purple curse coming.

I would rate this book 10/10 because it is funny, interesting and mysterious. It would be a great book for 7–9-year-old kids.

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