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BOOK REVIEW: The Colour of Music

Image shows the cover of a children's book: The Colour of Music by Lisa Tiffen and illustrated by Matt Ottley. The cover is predominantly yellow and the illustration shows a child with brown skin and wearing headphones and dancing with eyes closed . At the bottom of the cover is a close up view of the scroll-end of a violin.


The Colour of Music by by Lisa Tiffen, illustrated by Matt Ottley, MidnightSun Publishing, ISBN: 9781925227871

The publisher provided a review copy of this picture book.

The Colour of Music shows us what music can be like for people with synaesthesia.  When some people listen to music they just enjoy the beautiful sensation, and other people see colours and pictures in their imagination. Reading the book has meant I can listen to music in a new way. 

The illustrations are colourful and have lots of feeling.  I recommend this book for any kids that love music. 

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