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Spring story-writing comp: THE WINNERS! (Part 2)

"Boy writing by Greg Mitchell"
© Greg Mitchell

Here is the winning Under 9s story from our spring 2010 writing competition. You were asked to write a funny story about a musician.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you go over the word limit, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 9s winner: Suanne Mostert, WA

The Jazz Concert
One shiny, sparkly, early morning there was a beautiful, glamorous special lady woken up by a croaking sound from a frog. Her name is Sophie and her friends are going to travel the world.

Sophie got dressed into a fantastic light green sparkly and shiny top and some nice blue pale glamorous jeans. Then she ate cornflakes with milk and a glass of water. Next she fed her dog. Then she went to her music class.

“Sophie is the best saxophone player,” mumbled her teacher with a tear. So Sophie walked into the music house with her saxophone gold and sparkly.

Then her teacher said, “You have to go to the Opera House to play in the jazz concert. Really.”

“Oh really!” Sophie replied in shock.

“You start tomorrow so go home and have a good night’s rest.”


The morning came. She got dressed in a black and purple dress, ready for the concert.

“Good morning ladies and jellybeans,” announced Mr Egain with a delightful and caring grin. “Today you will be listening to a jazz concert. First up, put your hands together for Sophie Burgess!”

They listened with excitement for about half an hour. The whole concert finished and it was time to announce the winner. Mr Egain came on from the backstage in a muddle. (Sigh)

“OK, OK, the winner is …”

“He’s fainted!” someone called out from backstage.

Another lady called out: “Get him to the hospital … ”

There was silence. He coughed and woke up.

“I am all right. It was just stage fright. OK, where was I? The winner is (ah). My pants fell down! (wow) (wow) (wow) (ah).”

He fell over. Everyone was laughing at poor Mr Egain. Sophie ran out and pulled Mr Egan up.

“Are you all right, Mr Egain?”

“Oh yes I am, Sophie. Do you want to announce the winner?”

“Yes please. OK. The winner is Sophie Burgess.”

They clapped and cheered. So Sophie went and got her trophy, then she went home. She fed her dog, Brigy, and ate her dinner and went to bed.

Congratulations to Suanne! She receives a $20 book voucher for her winning story.

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