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Spring story-writing comp: THE WINNERS (Part 3)

"Boy writing by Greg Mitchell"
© Greg Mitchell

Here is the winning Under 12s story from our spring 2010 writing competition. You were asked to write a funny story about a musician.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you go over the word limit, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 12s winner: Megan Flack, WA

Dad’s New Craze
Hi, I would like to tell you about my dad. His name is Eric and he is a violin player.

Dad is a very good violin player, but now he wants to be a comedian. It gets very annoying because he cracks jokes all the time.

One day I brought a note home from school about a talent show and dad entered it, to my dismay.

On the day, dad got ready to go and perform for the school. When it was my dad’s go, I hid myself. My dad played the violin awfully and he told lots of jokes like, “How do you spell mouse trap in just 3 letters? C.A.T!”

It was embarrassing but dad really enjoyed it. In the end dad fell off the stage! That was funny.

When the judges were calling out the winners, guess who won? My dad! I was amazed but what do you expect with a really awesome dad like mine?

Congratulations to Megan! She receives a $20 book voucher for her winning story.

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