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TOP READS: July 2018

Here we are at the start of Term 3, and every booky person knows that TERM 3 IS THE BEST TERM. Term 3 includes Children’s Book Week — and for many schools that means a dress-up book week parade, and libraries sometimes have visiting authors or illustrators, and everyone around Australia celebrates good books!

If you need to work on building up your reading muscles before Book Week, our Top Reads team* have some great books to add to your reading list.

This month we welcome a new team member, Matthew (age 10), who joins the team as Vivaan is stepping down. A big thank you to Vivaan for his recommendations this year.

You can read about Matthew here.

And now, here are the must-reads for July:

You’ll find a recommended list from our Top Reads Team on the last day of every month (February to November). If you’d like even more recommendations, browse all through all our Top Reads ever!

*All our Top Readers are kids aged 13 and under. No grownups allowed!


Rebecca Newman is a children's writer and poet, and the editor of the Australian children's literary blog, Alphabet Soup.

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