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Book review: Cicada

Cicada by Shaun TanREVIEWED BY CINDY (8) and WEYLEN (9), VIC

Cicada by Shaun TanHachette Australia,
ISBN 9780734418630

Cindy and Weylen reviewed a school copy of this book. 

This riveting story by award winning author, Shaun Tan is about an office worker as a cicada, wearing a business suit! This makes the reader feel a little puzzled and surprised. A cicada in real life is an insect that goes unnoticed for two to seventeen years when it burrows underground and actively feeds on roots below. It comes out only when it decides to change into an adult and fly away.

It is set in a big city with offices where some workers don’t feel they are getting treated fairly like everyone else. They work tirelessly. It’s only until retirement that they can relax and start fresh with freedom to do what they want, whenever they want! Tok. Tok. Tok.

This book is for 6-year-olds to adults. It’s a must-read because the detailed pictures tell about how Cicada feels. We felt heart-warmed by this spectacular book.

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