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Book review: How to Bee

How to Bee by Bren MacDibbleREVIEWED BY JOSHUA, YR 6, NSW

How to Bee by Bren MacDibble, A&U Children’s, ISBN 9781760294335

Joshua reviewed his own copy of this book. This review was longlisted in Alphabet Soup’s 2020 Young Book Reviewers’ Competition. 

Set thirty years in the future, nine year old Peony wants to live out her dream of being a Bee, which is someone who pollinates fruit flowers with a feather wand because bees have died out from the overuse of pesticides. 

‘I’m real close to being a bee,’ I tell Ma.
‘You know there’s other jobs in the city for strong smart girls like you,’ Ma says like being a bee is nuthin’.

When Ma comes back for the weekend, does she want to ‘disrupt’ Peony’s dream or does Ma have a different mindset for working? Find out the answer in Bren MacDibble’s How to Bee.

I enjoyed this book because it shows two different mindsets in the family tearing them apart. It expresses emotion, feeling and is personal. I rate this book five out of five.

During May and June Alphabet Soup will be posting all the book reviews by those longlisted in our 2020 Book Reviewers’ Competition.