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Book review: Songbird

Songbird by Ingrid LagunaREVIEWED BY SANUKI, 11, VIC

Songbird by Ingrid Laguna, Text Publishing, ISBN 9781925773538

Sanuki reviewed her own copy of this book. 

Songbird is about a girl called Jamila, she migrated to Australia as a refugee, with her mother and baby brother. She migrated to Australia from Iraq, because in Iraq there was bomb attacks at that time and it wasn’t safe to live there anymore. Her dad was still in Iraq hiding from the constant attacks.

She had to adapt to new changes such as a new house, a new school and learning a new language. All Jamila wanted was to make new friends at her school, but it was very tough for her until she joined the school choir, which made her feel liked she belonged somewhere.

I would recommend this book to someone who would like to experience the life of learning a new language, meeting new friends and many other changes.

Read a sample chapter on the publisher’s website.

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